Boat Transport


Schooner Cove Marine provides fully licensed, fully insured transport of your marine vessel.  Our transport equipment is specialized for the movement of marine vessels over roadways.  Schooner Cove Marine takes care of all logistics connected to your move.  Connect with our exp[ereinced staff regarding your specific vessel. 


Local Transport - Schooner Cove provides small boat haul and launch.  Whether on a Schooner Cove trailer or your own trailer getting you out on  the water is our goal.  We also offer vacation destination deliveries such as the Bras do Lakes, North or South South destinations.


Long Haul Transport - Our specialized long haul boat transport equipment can get your power or sailboat to your destination.  Schooner Cove is licensed and insured to transport in Canada and the US.  Our staff have extensive experience with long distance transport and can connect you with all required services and supports to make your transport a seamless experience.


Hydraulic Trailer Service - Schooner Cove provides hydraulic trailer service capable of transporting, hauling and launching power boat and shoal draft sailboats.  Our trailer can also transport cradled deep draft sailboats.